Informatics, data analytics, web applications and artificial intelligence for genomics and evidence-based medicine

Our Expertise

At Nucleati, we specialize in custom informatics systems in the focused area of evidence-based medicine. Although we provide various informatics services to improve the way medicine practices collect and store data, our expertise also includes:

  • End-to-end informatics infrastructure development that can ease collecting, documenting, inferencing, and sharing clinical evidence
  • Automated pipelines and workflow developments to support guideline-based and qualitative evidence organization
  • Web applications for independent and collaborative determinations of evidence strength and relevance
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for automated evidence collection and storage, streamlining human efforts to generate high-quality data
  • Custom genomics solutions, workbench, and portal development for on-premise or cloud deployments
  • Streamlining fragmented informatics pipelines by bringing data, analytics, and computations in one place

Our Promise

The Nucleati informatics artifact will serve as the core to systematically collect, use, and share crucial information relevant to evidence-based medicine. Our team is committed to significantly reducing the time burden of manually managing and distributing sensitive data using:

  • Accurate algorithms
  • A fast and scalable backend
  • Update ease
  • Built-in intelligence where wherever possible
  • A beautiful interface

Our Motivation

Informatics challenges the limitations of typical evidence collection and simplifies documentation, prioritization, and dissemination in evidence-based medicine, the motivation that drives your business. We love to hear about and solve the challenges that could hamper your abilities to optimize your practice. Are any of the following problems damaging your productivity?

  • An excess of work time goes into finding relevant articles from a source or your EHR
  • Your practice applies a manual, rule-based system to reach conclusions
  • You have difficulty tracking update trails of final inference
  • Your practice has trouble gathering independent and group opinions to gauge the strength and relevance of evidence
  • You feel that generating data to enable evidence-based medicine is infeasible

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